‘Advertising System For Sellers’ Addon for XYZ Shopping Cart Ultimate Released

Hello everyone

We are excited to announce yet another new release – Advertising System For Sellers Addon for XYZ Shopping Cart Ultimate Edition.

Advertising System For Sellers is an addon for XYZ Shopping Cart which allows your sellers to promote their products as advertisements in your website. The ads run on pay per click (PPC) model, thereby ensuring that sellers are paying only for genuine visits to their product pages.

Sellers can add advertising funds to their account through Paypal. They can create ads based on their products, specify target keywords and set desired daily budget and click rates. Ads are displayed in 2 sections in your website
– on search results based on the target keywords
– on product detail page based on the category of advertised product

The advertising addon comes with detailed reports of the seller ads. Reports includes not only click statistics but also the information about conversions which happened through the paid clicks, thereby allowing seller to measure the effectiveness of their ads.

Admin can configure all important settings such as minimum value for ad budget, minimum value for click rate, minimum amount seller can deposit, maximum number of ads to be displayed in each location, etc. Admin can also view/manage ads, view payment history as well as reports of the ads from his control panel.

For details, please check Advertising System For Sellers Addon.

You can view the demo at XYZ Shopping Cart Addons Demo

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