Category Targeting Addon for XYZ Admarket released

We have released a new addon – Category Targeting for XYZ Admarket

Category targeting addon for XYZ Admarket allows you integrate a category filter at advertiser end, as well as a site filter at publisher end. It also provides detailed statistics based on websites.

This addon lets you define multiple categories which can be hierarchically nested and link publisher websites to these categories. Publishers will have to link each of their websites to a specific category and submit for approval. Admin can cross check websites and associated categories and approve or reject the same. Advertisers get the benefit of targeting their ads to one or more categories in addition to keywords, thereby improving their ROI.

The complete feature list of Category targeting addon is given below:
Admin features

  • Create website categories and sub-categories
  • Option to verify and validate publisher websites and associated categories
  • Option to enable disable category targeting for specific ad types (PPC, CPM, etc.)
  • Website based statistics in admin panel

Advertiser features

  • Target ads to one or more categories
  • Improved ROI by restricting ads to specific categories

Publisher features

  • Website specific ad codes
  • Chances for improved CTR by displaying category targeted ads
  • Website based statistics in publisher control panel

For more details, please check Category targeting

You can view the demo at XYZ Admarket Addons Demo

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