GoUrl.io – Bitcoin Payment Gateway Addon for XYZ Admarket released

We are excited to announce the release of our new addon – GoUrl.io – Bitcoin Payment Gateway for XYZ Admarket

GoUrl.io is a Bitcoin Payment Gateway which allows you to make BTC transfers between any two BTC wallets. The GoUrl.io – Bitcoin addon for XYZ Admarket lets you collect BTC payments to your wallet from your advertisers’ wallets. BTC collected from each advertiser is credited as USD equivalent in corresponding advertiser account balance.

The main feature list of GoUrl.io – Bitcoin Payment Gateway addon is given below:

  • Advertisers can make payments from their bitcoin wallets
  • QR code support to facilitate ‘scan and pay’ using Bitcoin wallet apps
  • BTC paid by an advertiser is credited as USD equivalent in his/her account balance

For more details, please check GoUrl.io – Bitcoin Payment Gateway

You can view the demo at XYZ Admarket Addons Demo

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