LinkedIn Auto Publish WordPress Plugin V 1.0 Released

A new WordPress plugin LinkedIn Auto Publish V 1.0  has been released.

The LinkedIn Auto Publish plugin lets you publish posts automatically from your blog to LinkedIn. You can publish your posts to LinkedIn as simple text message or as text message with attached image. The plugin supports filtering posts based on  custom post-types as well as categories.

A quick look into LinkedIn Auto Publish features is given below


★ Publish simple text message to LinkedIn

★ Publish message to LinkedIn with image

★ Filter items  to be published based on categories

★ Filter items to be published based on custom post types

★ Enable or disable wordpress page publishing

★ Customizable  message formats for LinkedIn


The prominent features of the LinkedIn Auto Publish plugin are listed below in detail.

Supported Mechanisms =

The various mechanisms of posting to LinkedIn are listed below

★Simple text message

★Text message with image

★Share post content with public or your connections

 = Filter Settings =

The plugin offers multiple kinds of filters for contents to be published automatically.

★Enable or disable publishing of wordpress pages

★Filter posts to be published based on categories

★Filtering based on custom post types

Message Format Settings =

The supported post elements which can be published are given below

★Post title

★Post description

★Post excerpt


★Blog title

★User nicename


Frequently Asked Questions  & User Guide

★ LinkedIn Auto Publish User Guide
★ LinkedIn Auto Publish FAQ

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