Pop Ads Addon for XYZ Admarket released

We have released a new addon – Pop Ads for XYZ Admarket

Pop ads addon for XYZ Admarket allows you to serve pop ads in your network which are triggered on click events. Your advertisers will have options to make ‘popup’ , ‘pop under’ as well and ‘new tab’ ads. And your publishers can create pop adunits and enable desired pop modes in the same. Pop ads are served on CPM pricing model. As an administrator you have full control on deciding which all popup modes should be enabled or disabled.

The complete feature list of Pop Ads addon is given below:

Admin features

  • Enable or disable ‘popup’, ‘pop under’ and ‘new tab’ ads
  • Configure height and width of popup window
  • Configure minimum CPM rate for pop ads
  • Configure different publisher profit percentage for pop ads
  • Pop ad impression capping settings
  • Configure javascript timeout before counting pop ad impression
  • Detailed pop ad statistics
  • Create default popup ads to be served if no ads from advertisers are available

Advertiser features

  • Create and manage ‘popup’, ‘pop under’ and ‘new tab’ ads
  • Keyword targeting, geographic targeting and device targeting
  • Pop ad display statistics

Publisher features

  • Display ‘popup’, ‘pop under’ and ‘new tab’ ads in their sites
  • Earn from pop ad impressions
  • Pop ad display earning statistics

Pop Ads Addon Requirements

It is required that visitors must click anywhere on the page for pop ads to be triggered. No pop ads will be rendered on page load. In addition to this below pop modes have certain requirements to render as expected.

  • Pop under ads : Pop ads will be displayed as pop under only if popups are enabled in browser, else they will be served as popup ads.
  • New tab ads : Pop ads will be displayed in new tab only if new window is set to open in new tab in the visitor browser.

For more details, please check Pop Ads Addon for XYZ Admarket

You can view the demo at XYZ Admarket Addons Demo

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