Time Targeting Addon for XYZ Admarket released

Jul 17 2015 Published by under Time Targeting

We have released a new addon – Time Targeting for XYZ Admarket

Time Targeting addon for XYZ Admarket allows your advertisers to specify target time for ad display such as specific hours in a day as well as specific days in a week.

The complete feature list of Time Targeting addon is given below:

Admin features

  • Enable/disable time (hours) based targeting option
  • Enable/disable weekday based targeting option
  • Enable/disable date based targeting option

Advertiser features

  • Specify start hour and end hour for ad display within a day
  • Choose from predefined day parts viz. morning (6 am – 9 am), prenoon (9 am – 12 noon), afternoon (12 noon – 4 pm), evening (4 pm – 8 pm) and night hours (8 pm – 6 am)
  • Specify target week days from Sunday to Saturday
  • Configure start date and end date or number of weeks

For more details, please check Time Targeting

You can view the demo at XYZ Admarket Addons Demo

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