VAST and HTML5 Video Ads Addon for XYZ Admarket released

We have released a new addon – VAST and HTML5 Video Ads for XYZ Admarket

VAST and HTML5 Video Ads addon for XYZ Admarket enables video adserving in your ad network. Advertisers can create CPV (Cost Per View) based video advertisements and publishers can serve video ads either using VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) tags in VAST players or using HTML5 code in web pages.

VAST tags support both linear and non-linear ads. Linear ads can be pre-roll (before the original video), mid-roll (in between the original video) or post-roll (after the original video). Non-linear ads (requires support in player) can be text or banner.

For more details, please check VAST and HTML5 Video Ads

You can view the demo at XYZ Admarket Addons Demo

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