WP Filter Posts WordPress Plugin V 1.0 Released

We have released a new WordPress plugin – WP Filter Posts.

WP Filter Posts is a WordPress plugin to create post filters based on different post categories, post tags or post authors. The filtered posts can also be sorted based on published date or updated date. The plugin also lets you specify the number of posts to filtered and number of posts to be skipped from beginning.

Corresponding to each filter, the plugin gives you a shortcode which can be embedded in wordpress pages or templates. The shortcode will render the filtered posts in an html layout which you can customise under the filter settings. There is also support for pagination of results if there are too many posts.

The prominent features of the WP Filter Posts plugin are highlighted below.

Post Filtering Configurations

  • Filter based on categories
  • Filter based on tags
  • Filter based on authors

Filter Sorting Configurations

  • Sorting based on published date
  • Sorting based on updated date

Other features

  • Create multiple post filters
  • Shortcodes for rendering filtered posts
  • Customisable display format of filtered posts
  • Pagination of results

The documentation and Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) for the WP Filter Posts plugin are available at WP Filter Posts – Docs & FAQ

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