WP Gallery Manager WordPress Plugin V 1.0 Released

We have released a new WordPress plugin – WP Gallery Manager.

WP Gallery Manager allows you to create responsive or fixed size image galleries which can be rendered in wordpress pages or posts using shortcodes. You can upload multiple images using the built in multi-file uploader and tag them with corresponding galleries. While creating galleries, you can be easily drag and drop images from the uploaded data. Also images within a gallery can be sorted using drag and drop mechanism.

Using WP Gallery Manager you may override default wordpress image gallery display if required. It also lets you configure various configurations related to gallery such as max-width and max-height of images and sliders, autoplay and time interval.

The prominent features of the custom field manager plugin are highlighted below.

Flexible Galleries

  • Drag and drop image selection
  • Drag and drop image sorting
  • Responsive / fixed size galleries
  • Create unlimited galleries

Advanced configurations

  • Override default wordpress gallery
  • Configure max-width and max-height of images and sliders
  • Configure autoplay and time interval

The documentation and Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) for the WP Gallery Manager plugin are available at WP Gallery Manager – Docs & FAQ