XYZ Admarket – PHP Script – Standard edition updated – v 3.0

Hi All,

We have released a new version of XYZ Admarket-PHP Script Standard edition. The new version is 3.0

This version contains the following new features.

  • New dashboard for admin, advertisers and publishers
  • Option for admin to add notification to users
  • Option to add custom pages from admin panel
  • Enable/disable geographical reports of clicks and impressions
  • Support for different themes
  • Option to refund advertiser
  • Single ad code to display CPC/CPM/CPA ads
  • Recaptcha updated to No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA
  • Support for custom home page banners in default theme
  • New page for toppers (top advertisers, top publishers )list in admin panel
  • Option to turn off CPC if you want to run other revenue models only

All our members can download the new version from member area. Please contact us for any suggestions or issues.

Note: We have also released a new theme which is compatible for this version. Check out the all new Blazing Orange theme for XYZ Admarket. You can see the theme demo here.

XYZScripts Team

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