XYZ Admarket v4.0 released

Greetings from Team XYZScripts !!!

The much awaited release of XYZ Admarket V4.0 has finally arrived. We have been working for past 8 months on this release. And we present before you an improved, faster and feature rich version of XYZ Admarket. Here are the salient features of V4.0

Significant Performance Boost

  • V4.0 is mindblowingly faster; ad display is now 300% faster than the old V3.2
  • Now you can scale out your admarket by setting by multiple servers for ad display and tracking (Please contact us if you need this setup)

All new ad creation

  • Step by step ad creation flow for advertisers to make it more user-friendly
  • Option to configure separate daily budget and total budget for ads
  • Mandatory prepay of ad budget so that only genuine advertisers create ads
  • Option to update or cancel already activated ad budget
  • Removed unnecessary pending state of ads on minor edits

Other improvements for users

  • Added 2 step password recovery for user
  • PDF invoices for advertiser payments
  • PDF payout slips for publisher withdrawals
  • Async ad display code which will not disrupt publisher site performance
  • User-friendly single page to manage site filters for publishers

Other improvements for admin

  • Configure automatic withdrawal request generation of publishers from admin panel
  • Configuration  to send success/failure status of cron jobs from admin panel
  • Search users by id in admin panel
  • Search ads/adcodes/sites by id, username, userid in admin panel
  • Override min rates for specific advertisers
  • Configurable advertiser payment fee and publisher withdrawal fee
  • Tax configurations for advertiser payments and publisher withdrawals

There are many other minor  improvements  and quite a few bug fixes as well.

Addons updated

All existing addons have been updated to make them compatible with Admarket V4.0. And a few new addons are on their way. The new addons shall be rolled out in coming weeks.

Wish you all  happy and smooth adserving. Let us know if any questions or issues.

Note : Those who are using customised version of admarket, please contact support before updating your site.

P.S. A new wild theme is on the way.

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