XYZ Auto Classifieds V 1.0 – New PHP + MySQL Script Released

We have released yet another PHP + MySQL script – XYZ Auto Classifieds

XYZ Auto Classifieds is a simple and robust PHP + MySQL based auto classifieds script with all options required to start your own auto classifieds site like or It is a complete turnkey solution to get your own auto classifieds website up and running in a few minutes. Find below some of the major highlights of the XYZ Auto Classifieds script.

The complete feature list of the software is given below:

Unlimited categories

  • Create any number of categories
  • Different levels of subcategories
  • Icon image for top level categories

Configurable Custom Fields

  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Different fields for different categories
  • Supports textfield, numeric field, textarea, dropdown, checkbox and datepicker
  • Define custom field groups

Unlimited listings

  • Post new and used listings
  • Free and premium listings
  • Create image gallery for listings
  • Display based on publish/update time
  • Option to compare items from front end
  • Option to save favourite items

Paid and Premium listings

  • Enable free only, paid only , free and paid mode for listings
  • Set max number of free listings per user in free + paid listing mode
  • Highlighted premium listing configurations
  • Make multiple premium listing plans with discount options
  • Home page listing configurations
  • Category based pricing for paid listings, premium listings and home page listings
  • Category specific pay per post configuration for free users

Free and Paid Memberships

  • Configurable paid memberships
  • Configure paid membership plans
  • Enable or disable dealer accounts
  • Configure dealer membership rates
  • Enable guest user accounts
  • Category specific privileges for free members

Geographic details

  • Enable multi-country support
  • Preloaded city list for all countries
  • Option to add, edit, delete more cities/regions
  • Subdomains with city names

Site Configurations

  • Configurable system name
  • Upload logo from admin panel
  • Listing related settings
  • Paypal payment settings
  • Social media sharing settings
  • Email settings
  • Format settings
  • Configurable email templates
  • SMTP and PHP mail sending options

Advanced Reports

  • User statistics
  • Item statistics
  • Payment statistics

More Features

  • Spam control using recaptcha
  • SEO pages and urls
  • User friendly, easy to use interface
  • No monthly fees
  • No limits on categories or items
  • Lifetime license
  • 99% open source code
  • No “powered by” links
  • Runs on YOUR web server
  • One minute install
  • Optional prefix for all MySQL tables
  • Simple configuration files
  • Easy user guide
  • ONE YEAR FREE Updates and Support

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You can try the demo at XYZ Auto Classifieds Demo

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