XYZ Classifieds Ultimate v1.0 Released

We have released a new edition of the script – XYZ Classifieds Ultimate v1.0

It is the advanced version of the XYZ Classifieds script.  It contains all the features of the XYZ Classifieds Standard edition plus the following extra features.

  • Configurable Custom Field Groups : Create multiple groups for grouping custom fields under different categories. Groups can be created specific to a category or for grouping uncategorized custom fields.
  • Home Page Listing Options : Your revenue from website can be increased by enabling paid home page listing options for your users. Your users would pay you to list their items in home page of your site.
  • Paid membership Plans : XYZ Classifieds lets you monetize further from your site allowing paid memberships. When paid membership is enabled, the contact information of items will be visible only to paid members.
  • Worldwide Geographic Target : XYZ Classifieds lets you run a classifieds site targetted to multiple countries of your choice. The software comes preloaded with city information of all countries.

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