XYZ Email Manager Ultimate v1.0 Released

We have released a new edition of the script – XYZ Email Manager Ultimate v1.0

It is an advanced edition of the XYZ Email Manager script.  It contains all the features of the XYZ Email Manager Standard edition plus the following extra features.

  • Follow-up campaigns :  The ultimate edition lets you schedule follow up messages to be fired a few days after original mail was fired or read. You can create any number of follow up messages for a campaign.
  • Campaign triggers :  You can configure to fire campaigns on a particular date, or based particular date field value of a subscriber.  You can also configure triggers based on subscription time which can be used to send welcome offers to new contacts.
  • More Custom fields :  XYZ Email Manager Ultimate edition allows you to collect and use more detailed information about your contacts using advanced custom fields such as date picker, textarea, numric field, radio button and checkbox in addition to basic fields like text field and dropdown list.
  • Custom field based filter for campaigns :  Using XYZ Email Manager Ultimate edition you may filter email sending to your subscribers based on the values in the custom fields.
  • Auto restart options for campaigns : You can configure your campaigns to restart automatically every week, month or year.
  • Send by Amazon SES  :  In addition to sending emails using PHP mail() function and SMTP, you can configure email sending using Amazon SES also.
  • Bounce detection :  XYZ Email Manager Ultimate edition lets you detect bounced email addresses automatically. You may also configure to unsubscribe or delete such email addresses upon detection.
  • Fetch content from urls : You can configure your email campaigns to fetch content from any remote urls.
  • Web preview link :  XYZ Email Manager Ultimate edition lets you to insert web preview links in your email campaigns so that your subscribers can view campaign messages directly in a browser page.
  • Subscription edit link :   XYZ Email Manager Ultimate edition also lets you to insert subscription edit links which can be used by your subscribers to edit their personal details and subscription information.

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