XYZ WP Contact Form v 1.0 Released

We have released a new wordpress plugin XYZ WP Contact Form v 1.0.

This is the premium plugin of Contact Form Manager.

XYZ WP Contact Form is a handy wordpress plugin which allows you to create and manage multiple contact forms for your website. It supports a wide range of contact form elements such as text field, email field, textarea, dropdown list, radio button, checkbox, date picker, captcha, file uploader etc.

The plugin lets you track contact requests done at your website in addition to mailing the same to the configured email address. You can also view and export this information anytime.

Various analytical information such as contact request url, ip address, country, browser, operating system of the visitors can also be tracked using this pugin.


Form Content

  • Full control on contact form content
  • Visual HTML editor for beautiful contact forms
  • Tiny MCE filters to prevent auto removal of <p> and <br> tags
  • Style class integration option with form elements
  • Option to add * (star symbol) for mandatory form fields
  • Auto-save form elements on creation
  • Multi language support for contact form messages
  • Multiple Contact Forms
  • Placeholder text for form elements
  • Flexible muli-line display mode for Checkbox
  • Flexible muli-line display mode for Radio button
  • Configure Error, Success messages from admin panel
  • Duplicate a form
  • Support for shortcodes in form content

Supported Elements

  • Text field
  • Email field
  • Numeric field
  • Textarea
  • Rich Textarea
  • Dropdown List (with multiselect option
  • Checkbox
  • Radiobutton
  • Date picker
  • Captcha
  • File Uploader
  • Hidden field
  • Submit Button

Form Display

  • Shortcodes for dispalying contact forms
  • Modify form element options without replacing shortcode

Form Submission

  • Autoreply on form submission
  • Redirection after contact form submission
  • Option to redisplay empty form
  • Store form submission requests
  • Option to track IP-Address and Geographical location (country)
  • Option to track Browser and Operating-System of visitor
  • Option to track URI from where contact was request
  • View recorded contact requests
  • Export recorded contact requests

Email Configuration

  • SMTP Mailing settings
  • Support for user submitted data in email fields
  • Multiple to email support
  • Multiple cc email support
  • Support for HTML and Plain text email
  • Enable / Disable auto reply
  • Configurable reply-to email and reply-to name in mail to site admin
  • Configurable reply-to email and reply-to name in auto reply
  • Option to add attachments to auto reply

Spam Control

  • Simple image verification
  • Recaptcha support

You can find more about the Contact form Manager plugin from our site

The documentation for the XYZ WP Contact Form  plugin is available on

The Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) about XYZ WP Contact Form is available at

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