XYZ Admarket V 1.0 – New Script Released

We have released a new script – XYZ Admarket V 1.0

XYZ Admarket is a simple and feature rich PHP + MySQL based script which provides you a platform to launch an advertiser-publisher network site like Google AdWords/AdSense, Bidvertiser, Media Net etc. It supports Pay-Per-Click (PPC) text and banner formats for advertisers as well as customizable text/banner ad display codes for publishers. The complete feature list of the software is given below:

Flexible user accounts

  • Advertiser only mode
  • Publisher only mode
  • Dual mode supporting both advertiser and publisher
  • Configurable default status for advertiser and publisher
  • Unlimited user accounts

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

  • Text and banner formats
  • Cost effective PPC mechanism
  • Define banner dimensions
  • Country targeting
  • Keyword targeting
  • Optimal click rate suggestion
  • Configurable ad default status
  • Configurable ad rotation settings
  • Configurable minimum click rate
  • Configure default ads

Customizable ad blocks & ad codes

  • Define ad display blocks
  • Generate ad codes based on ad blocks
  • Customizable ad codes
  • Filter competitor urls

Fraud Tracking

  • Detects publisher fraud clicks
  • Bot click detection
  • Proxy click detection
  • Invalid click detection

Payment Configurations

  • Paypal payments & withdrawals
  • Check payments & withdrawals
  • Bank payments & withdrawals
  • Configurable minimum payment and withdrawal levels
  • Configurable advertiser bonus

Site Configurations

  • Configurable system name
  • Upload logo from admin panel
  • Configure Google map address
  • Social profile settings
  • Configurable site meta data
  • Configurable user testimonials
  • Email settings
  • Configurable email templates
  • SMTP and PHP mail sending options
  • Date, time, number, currency format settings

Advanced Reports

  • Time based reports
  • Advertiser based reports
  • Publisher based reports
  • Ad based reports
  • Keyword based reports
  • Ad code based reports
  • Advertiser payment reports
  • Publisher withdrawal reports

More Features

  • Spam control using recaptcha
  • SEO pages and urls
  • User friendly, easy to use interface
  • No monthly fees
  • No limits on user accounts
  • Lifetime license
  • No “powered by” links
  • Runs on YOUR web server
  • One minute install
  • Optional prefix for all MySQL tables
  • Simple configuration files
  • Easy user guide
  • ONE YEAR FREE Updates and Support

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