Insert HTML Snippet V 1.0 – A WordPress Plugin Released

We have released a new wordpress plugin – Insert HTML Snippet V 1.0 on Aug 16th 2012.

The Insert HTML Snippet plugin allows you to add HTML, CSS and javascript code to your pages and posts easily using shortcodes.

Insert Html Snippet allows you to create shortcodes corresponding to html snippets. You can create a shortcode corresponding to any random HTML code such as ad codes, javascript codes, video embedding codes, css codes etc. and use the same in your posts, pages or widgets.

The shortcodes generated using the plugin are easily available as a dropdown in the standard wordpress content editor as well as in widget settings, thereby giving you ease of integrating your HTML snippets with your posts and pages.


★ Convert HTML snippets to shortcodes
★ Convert Javascript codes to shortcodes
★ Convert CSS codes to shortcodes
★ Support for snippet shortcodes in widgets
★ Dropdown menu in TinyMCE editor to pick snippet shortcodes easily

The documentation for the Insert HTML Snippet plugin is available on

The Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q) about Insert HTML Snippet are available at

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