XYZ WP Popup (Lightbox pop premium) updated v 2.1

We have updated the Lightbox pop premium plugin and renamed it to XYZ WP Popup. The new version is 2.1

The extra features in the plugin are given below.

Display Layout

  • As lightbox
  • As full screen popup
  • As popup dialog box
  • As quick box popup
  • As quick bar

Popup Content

  • Configure content in WordPress content editor
  • Referrer URL based messages
  • Multiple popups with different content

Position Settings

  • Predefined positions
  • Manual position settings

Placement Mechanism

  • Display in all pages
  • Display specifically in pages / posts / home page
  • Display using shortcode

Display Logic

  • Display based on number of pages browsed
  • Display based on delay
  • Repeat interval for popup display
  • Onload display trigger method
  • Onclick display trigger method
  • Onexit display trigger method
  • Display contents using iframe
  • Enable scrollbar for larger contents
  • Target display on mobile devices only
  • Target display on desktop devices only

Popup Closing Logic

  • Close when clicked on overlay
  • Close when clicked on close button
  • Close when clicked on an element in the content
  • Close button configurations
  • Auto close based on timeout
Javascript Callback

  • Call back on popup display
  • Callback on popup hide

Style Settings

  • Overlay settings
  • Color settings
  • Border settings

Special Effects

  • Popup sliding
  • Popup dragging

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